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Clay is an extraordinary substance; it is a flexible, organic living thing.
It has the power to seduce and once under it's spell you are hooked forever. 

I work on the edge of the potter's craft and consider myself rather as a painter or illustrator of three dimensional objects whereby the surface of the pot is my canvas. The shape and its surface decoration must be truly integrated and as such the physical process of making and surface treatment combines the art of a potter, sculpter and painter.

I want to create stunning, decorative ceramic art in order to push the bounderies and question the accepted perception of "what is a pot"

I am strongly influenced by past traditions, but at the same time am constantly trying to break away from them and to find new ways of telling old stories. I want to cross traditional boundaries in the presentation of the ceramic form whilst using it to engage the onlooker in a narrative or fantasy, much the same way as those masters of story-telling, the ancient greeks.

"The surface of a ceramic vessel is a powerful and expressive vehicle with which to fuse the various disciplines of painting, sculpture and story-telling into a powerful language of it's own.




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